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5th Grade Lichtenstein Portraits

1. Take photo... print photo in black and white (photo not shown because of privacy)

2. Make a line drawing using a transparency sheet to trace the image. (sounds like cheating, but you would be amazed how hard it is for this age to draw the important lines and keep the hair to an outline). Great lesson on line!

3. Place the transparency under a piece of white paper so that you are able to trace the line drawing. We used windows and left over overhead projectors (your school probably has a whole closet of them not being used). I asked if they had one to borrow and they brought me 5 because they were excited someone was using them (their words not mine).

4. The students mapped out their ideas on their overhead sheet so that they didn't put yellow glasses on yellow skin. After they knew what parts were going to be solid color and what ones were going to be dots they grabbed a marker (only RED, BLUE, YELLOW) and got started. For the dots the students used a ruler to do each row of…