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Unemployed and Feeling Defeated

So I have been a college graduate for four months now. I was employed by the Oshkosh School District in Wisconsin for 5 weeks, and worked for a week at a Aviation convention. It is now late August and I am JOBLESS! I hate it. I just went to school for six years and can't find a job.
Today, I came to the end of the road and started applying for jobs at Applebee's, a floral shop, and a photography position at target and JC Penny's. WHAT AM I DOING. I have applied for subbing in the school districts surrounding my home town, but haven't heard anything.
I was really excited the other night when I found a position that was designed to take care of an autistic child at home as an aid to the family. I applied right away and I'm crossing my fingers. I worked this past summer with a first grade autistic student in my summer school class. I loved this student and always wished I could work one-on-one with him. This job would pay for training and give me the chance to work w…

Pinatas... The Last Week

It has been a while since I have added anything. I have been busy trying to make money and pack up my house so I can move back home. There is nothing like moving back home with your parents at the age of 25, after six years of being on your own (feelings of DEFEAT).

Anyway, my fifth and final week of summer school went too fast, and was a sad farewell. On the Thursday before the last week, I did something I never would if I was teaching during the regular ed. school year... I asked the students what they wanted to do for the last week of class. The majority yelled out (no hands raised) PINATAS! I told them that it would be really difficult to finish the pinatas in four days and that they would probably have to take them home to paint. The students didn't care, after working with the paper mache for the monster project they we eager to work with it again. So I left that Thursday wondering how I was going to make the pinata project work out.

That Monday...I had bags of blown up b…