Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unemployed and Feeling Defeated

So I have been a college graduate for four months now. I was employed by the Oshkosh School District in Wisconsin for 5 weeks, and worked for a week at a Aviation convention. It is now late August and I am JOBLESS! I hate it. I just went to school for six years and can't find a job.
Today, I came to the end of the road and started applying for jobs at Applebee's, a floral shop, and a photography position at target and JC Penny's. WHAT AM I DOING. I have applied for subbing in the school districts surrounding my home town, but haven't heard anything.
I was really excited the other night when I found a position that was designed to take care of an autistic child at home as an aid to the family. I applied right away and I'm crossing my fingers. I worked this past summer with a first grade autistic student in my summer school class. I loved this student and always wished I could work one-on-one with him. This job would pay for training and give me the chance to work with someone I could help and work with. I really would love this position.
EITHER WAY, I NEED A JOB... I like to work, and as you can tell im going insane not being able to work.
There is something very defeating about having a college degree and applying for the same position a high school student without a degree or diploma can apply for. What can I do I guess, I have loans I have to pay off. I just hope that if it comes down to a high school student and I, that they pick me.
Well here's to the weeks that follow... Who knows what I will become. Im hoping I get something that allows me to use my degree instead of something that pays the bills.

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