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1st Grade Van Gogh Sunflowers… Lesson On Seeing Color

A students view of Van Gogh's Sunflowers. Students looked at the colors Van Gogh used and added those same colors on their drawn flowers.

1st Graders working on their flowers… Class 5 (last day)
On the first day of the project, I introduced the students to Vincent Van Gogh and his sunflower paintings. We looked at the painting shown above, and drew the flowers with pencil on black paper as a class. I made three different sized circle tracers for each student to use to help with proportions. The students drew a horizon line to start. We placed the vase bottom below the horizon line and then placed each flower on the paper… one circle at a time. The next class we talked about color. We counted the colors used in just the vase. The students started on the vase, and used every color that they saw on the painting. We did the same thing the next class with the pedals and flower centers. The students loved working with the oil pastels. I think my students learned more from this project tha…

Year Two: Picasso Blue Period Guitars

Year two of the Blue Period guitars, based off of Picasso's Blue period. The project teaches collage, layers, and lots of experience gluing and cutting. Love the new guitars! For more explanation… Check out the guitars from two years ago on my archive.