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From Closet to Art Studio

My first artwork created in the closet studio

Prints created by Derek Malcore (The Great Artdoors Blog)

Print made by Wendy M. Turchan (observation of scrap metal)
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Graduate
Love her work!!!

Top: Skull Still Life ( My own work)
Bottom: Print; Wendy M. Turchan

When I moved to Waupaca, I had dreams initially to convert a large closet in my apartment into a studio space. After five months, I have one work of art finished and artwork by other artist surrounding me for inspiration. The space is small, but I love the chance to have a space to myself, instead of making art on the kitchen table. In the months ahead the tiny closet will be home to watercolor paintings, drawings, weaving, knitting, printing, and sewing! Stay posted to see what comes of it...

Warm and Cool Colored Owls

I saw so many different owl lessons thanks to so many different blogs... I thought the owls could be a great chance for me to review the warm and cool colors with my second grade students. For months we have been going over different color schemes, this was my chance to test their knowledge. They passed with flying colors!!!
We started by drawing the owls with pencil... we used a tracer to keep the owls an appropriate size. The students followed the tracing by adding detail to the inside of the two owls. When the students finished drawing their owls we added crayon. The students were given a large tub at each of their tables filled with every color under the sun. It was up to the students to pick the right color. I had them work on one owl at a time to help keep colors straight. When coloring was finished, the students outlined the owls details with black oil pastels. We cut out the owls and painted a plain piece of paper blue or purple, adding white crayon snowflakes before painting w…

Waupaca Library Youth Art Month Show

2012 Waupaca Library Youth Art Month Show
Grades K-12

After hours... Hanging the guitars for the show

My girlfriend Maggie and I at the opening

Second Grade Blue Picasso Guitars

Honorable Mention (Both students...Yay)

First Place Elementary (Mondrian Square picture)
2nd Grade
Very Proud Teacher :) !!!!

First Grade Elmer Weaving

Fifth Grade Self-Portrait "Falling Through Space"

Third Grade Self-Portrait / Line Lesson

Kindergarten Overlapping Lesson

Kindergarten Self-Portrait

(Upper Portrait)
High School Junior
1st Place Overall Prize for Art Show

Valentines Day.... Art... Start to Finish!

My Valentines morning started out with an amazing breakfast made by my lovely girlfriend. A fried egg in the middle of a piece of toast shaped like a heart. Thanks MAgs... Loved it!!!

I am in my classroom for no more than ten minutes and the valentines love starts to take over my classroom. If you teach elementary... Valentines Day is a sugar crazed day, but filled with lots of love from your students. This is a Valentines gift from one of my students... How Awesome, its a bottle cap magnet!!!!

Wow... My "Lawniczak Lane" envelope is packed... I thought it was extremely cute and thoughtful, so I had to take a picture.

Snowflake Prints

I don't often put up this many pictures for a lesson, but I love how these prints and printing plates turned out. I have to give all the credit for this lesson to my Co-0p Teacher Deb during my student teaching two years ago. I started student teaching as she was finishing this lesson, and I loved how she used both the print and the printing plate. Both the print and the printing plate are shown as a work of art... love that! The students started out the lesson learning about Snowflake Bentley. The students took what they learned about snowflakes from looking at Snowflake Bentley's photographs and applied it to their drawings. After the students finished their drawings I attached them with tape to a 6x6 inch piece of scratch foam(Same size as the paper). The students traced over their drawing (this causes an indent in the foam). When they finished tracing their drawing, they took the paper drawing off and traced over the indents on the foam (tracing the image for the second t…