From Closet to Art Studio

My first artwork created in the closet studio

Prints created by Derek Malcore (The Great Artdoors Blog)

Print made by Wendy M. Turchan (observation of scrap metal)
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Graduate
Love her work!!!

Top: Skull Still Life ( My own work)
Bottom: Print; Wendy M. Turchan

When I moved to Waupaca, I had dreams initially to convert a large closet in my apartment into a studio space. After five months, I have one work of art finished and artwork by other artist surrounding me for inspiration. The space is small, but I love the chance to have a space to myself, instead of making art on the kitchen table. In the months ahead the tiny closet will be home to watercolor paintings, drawings, weaving, knitting, printing, and sewing! Stay posted to see what comes of it...


  1. Hey buddy, love the new work space and the prints look great. Can't wait to see it in person!!

  2. Congratulations on you space! Looks good! I have my studio space in the living room, and it is fullllllll of distractions, like kids and tv. Wish I had a closet that size! Good luck.


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