Snowflake Prints

I don't often put up this many pictures for a lesson, but I love how these prints and printing plates turned out. I have to give all the credit for this lesson to my Co-0p Teacher Deb during my student teaching two years ago. I started student teaching as she was finishing this lesson, and I loved how she used both the print and the printing plate. Both the print and the printing plate are shown as a work of art... love that! The students started out the lesson learning about Snowflake Bentley. The students took what they learned about snowflakes from looking at Snowflake Bentley's photographs and applied it to their drawings. After the students finished their drawings I attached them with tape to a 6x6 inch piece of scratch foam(Same size as the paper). The students traced over their drawing (this causes an indent in the foam). When they finished tracing their drawing, they took the paper drawing off and traced over the indents on the foam (tracing the image for the second time). I like to use ballpoint pens for this part because they are a soft point, unlike a sharp pencil or a fine tipped pen.
After the students finished engraving their image in the foam, I began printing with each student one at a time on a back table. The students were introduced to brayers and printing ink. Each student rolled on their own ink (I prepped the brayer, and applied the ink evenly before handing the brayer to the student) and rubbed the paper onto the printing plate all themselves with my supervision.
After the students finished their prints they decorated them with oil pastels. The oil pastels were covered with acrylic gloss medium (I added glitter to it). I cut around the snowflake shape before matting the two works of art together. Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow... Enjoy!


  1. Love that you used the plate and print. Nicely done. Pinning this.

  2. Dude, you are seriously motivated! That is a huge undertaking with first graders and you pulled it off in spades! Cool project!


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