Warm and Cool Colored Owls

I saw so many different owl lessons thanks to so many different blogs... I thought the owls could be a great chance for me to review the warm and cool colors with my second grade students. For months we have been going over different color schemes, this was my chance to test their knowledge. They passed with flying colors!!!
We started by drawing the owls with pencil... we used a tracer to keep the owls an appropriate size. The students followed the tracing by adding detail to the inside of the two owls. When the students finished drawing their owls we added crayon. The students were given a large tub at each of their tables filled with every color under the sun. It was up to the students to pick the right color. I had them work on one owl at a time to help keep colors straight. When coloring was finished, the students outlined the owls details with black oil pastels. We cut out the owls and painted a plain piece of paper blue or purple, adding white crayon snowflakes before painting with watercolor. The next class the students added a branch (a need for a "ground") with the help of a brown strip of paper, that the students tore one or both sides. We glued everything together with much overlapping. Each student chose how they wanted to matte their owls offset on the black paper... They struggled at first with the black paper not being centered, but they told me they like how it looked afterwords.

"Mr. Lawniczak, I made this owl cool colors because she looks sad, cool colors make me sad, so I made her with the sad colors"

Yay!!!!! they are thinking about what they are doing and making it personal. Plus they are noticing how color can effect the overall feeling in a work of art!


  1. Such a cute project! I love owls. Going to try this with my grade 3's, but I might use chalk pastels, outlined in oil pastels...even though it's messier! Thank you for sharing!


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