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Year Four- Library Art Show Preview

5th Grade- Lichtenstein Portraits
1st Grade- Horizon Line with Apples
5th Grade- Ink Pear Still-Life
1st Grade- Three Part Winter Landscape
1st Grade- Warm and Cool Lines and Leaf
3rd Grade- Positive Negative Autumn Leaf Designs
4th Grade- Zentangle Pumpkins With Emphasis
1st Grade- Sky Scraper With Emphasis
2nd Grade- Pear Still-Life Folk Art
2nd Grade- Mondrian Square Tea Time
5th Grade- 2 Point Perspective Bird Houses
4th Grade- Oil Pastel Gum Ball Machines
4th Grade- Pop Art Soda Can Prints
2nd Grade- Ice Fishing Paper Art
3rd Grade- Winter Landscape (glue and chalk)
5th Grade- Group Project Picasso Weeping Woman
5th Grade- Group Project Van Gogh Sunflowers