Year Four- Library Art Show Preview

5th Grade- Lichtenstein Portraits 

1st Grade- Horizon Line with Apples 

5th Grade- Ink Pear Still-Life 

1st Grade- Three Part Winter Landscape 

1st Grade- Warm and Cool Lines and Leaf 

3rd Grade- Positive Negative Autumn Leaf Designs 

4th Grade- Zentangle Pumpkins With Emphasis 

1st Grade- Sky Scraper With Emphasis

2nd Grade- Pear Still-Life Folk Art 

2nd Grade- Mondrian Square Tea Time 

5th Grade- 2 Point Perspective Bird Houses 

 4th Grade- Oil Pastel Gum Ball Machines

4th Grade- Pop Art Soda Can Prints 

2nd Grade- Ice Fishing Paper Art 

3rd Grade- Winter Landscape (glue and chalk) 

5th Grade- Group Project Picasso Weeping Woman  

5th Grade- Group Project Van Gogh Sunflowers 

3rd Grade- Clay Circle Weaving

I Can't Believe that it has been 4 years already. I have gone from a young first year teachers nervous to show off my first projects, to a confident teacher still anxious to show off his students hard work. At the end of last year, we loss two great teachers in the district due to retirement. This years show will show off the hard work of two new first year teachers. As a fourth year teacher, I was asked to mentor these two young teachers (even thought I still have questions myself). After a semester worth of work and a couple questions here and there, these two teachers have done an amazing job! Three teachers all under the age of thirty with new and fresh ideas... Its going to be a great show!


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