Abstract + Indian Corn + Window Drawings

This is my attempt to introduce my third grade students to "window drawing" and "still-lifes." I gave each student their own indian chunk of corn to draw, as well as a 2x2 inch window opening cardboard square. The students started out by taping the window to an interesting part of the corn and started drawing what they saw (enlarging...so hard, but great practice) on a 12x12 inch piece of paper.
With little direction, I had the students start drawing right after they taped the window on the corn. I figured the students would draw the image at lease four times smaller than they should... didn't expect them to draw it smaller than real life size on the corn haha. After a while I stopped the students and had them walk around and look at one another's drawings. I followed this up with a demonstration showing them how to break the corn into sections / rows and fill those rows with irregular oval shapes (not everyone is the same size or shape). With a little MATH we counted the number of rows and columns inside the window opening. Lightly with our pencils we drew in a checker board pattern with columns and rows. The students drew in kernels overlapping each row and columns with different sizes.
The students finished the lesson with crayons, coloring each kernel with at least three different colors looking at their corn for color inspiration. The lesson came a long way since the first drawings with little direction. Happy with the abstract final look!


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