Tints, Shades, Adjectives, Complementary Colored Giraffes

We started out with a head tracer. Then drew the interior details of the giraffe, followed by the neck and spots. The next class, I gave the students all a different giraffe book from the library and we spent 15 minutes making a list of adjectives. The students learned a bunch of new thing about giraffes. Did you know they sleep standing up? Did you know they can turn half their brains off at a time, or that their tongues are as long as a human arm? Well, my students found out. After we made the list, my students grabbed a sharpie and wrote their adjectives on the surrounding background. They wrote the words large, small, bubble letter, all capitals, and any other form they could think of.
Color- The students picked one color and found 2-3 different shades / tints of that color in a monochromatic like form. The students colored in all of the giraffe with that color (crayons). The next class, we talked about complementary colors. The students painted the complementary color of whatever color they chose for the giraffe with watercolor. I love the use of literacy and over all character in each of the faces of the giraffe's. We started out with a head tracer, and ended up with six classes of unique drawings. I LOVE MY JOB! 


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