Squid Weaving!

I love making a simple weaving into more than just paper that goes under-over, under-over. I found the book "I'm The Biggest Thing In The Ocean" by Kevin Sherry, and loved the watercolor backgrounds in the book. The weaving allowed me to transform watercolor washed paper into the weavings you see above. The students traced a squid head on the weaving, and painted the interior of that form blue. The next class, the students designed their own tentacles off of the bottom of the base of the weavings. The students painted, cut out, and glued the tentacles on the bottom of the squid. 

I have no idea how you would put these in a frame, but they have so much personality. I will post a picture of them displayed in the school hallways soon.


  1. I absolutely love these.... thank you for sharing!

  2. these are awesome...can't wait to try it with my kids...so adorable....


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