Texture and Aluminum Tooling… What was I Thinking

So I started the third grade out this year with this never ending project. I want to start by saying that this project has a lot of high points, but for third grade it was too much. It taught texture, rulers, metal tooling, and tint… but took forever and would have been a major success with my 5th graders. With that said, I believe in pushing my students. The students that got the concepts succeeded and created something extremely exceptional, but that was only half the class. I feel that if I am unable to get 90 percent of my class to the same end product, then my lesson is not grade appropriate.

1. Texture on paper
2. Permanent marker
3. Aluminum 
4. Aluminum tooling
5. Sand paper to remove ink on high points
6. Line up aluminum with the paper textures 

If anyone wants the steps or process the students used to create these (written out in length), please comment and I will write back. Please let me know what you think. 


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