Welcome To My New Room!!!!

ARTWORK!!!! Artist of The Month board.


My large wood shelf for cereal box sketchbooks

My college books, Personal library.

Reading center. I am working with the library to have a second option for students when they finish an art project early. Read or Sketchbooks. The books on the shelf will rotate every two months. The books are "art" related or award winning illustrations. 

This summer I spent some time moving three art classrooms into one. I am blessed to not only work in a building that wants me, respects me, and appreciates me... I work in a district that does the same. After some retirements, I moved into the main art room at the elementary I have worked part time in the last three years. I am spoiled, the room as you see is probably the third largest room in the school next to the gym and library. I am still going through things and making it my own, but after two months I have what you see above. 


  1. Beautiful use of space! I don't have even close this kind of space so I'm always so happy for people who do.


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