A Light When I Needed It

The light shines thanks to WEAP. After working with an autistic child for five weeks while teaching summer school, I was left wishing I had more training in the field. I loved working with this particular student, but struggled knowing how to keep his interest while teaching twenty other students at the same time.
After the summer was done I found myself wanting to know more about autism. When I was unable to land a teaching job, I started looking for something that would still allow me to teach or work with children.

Wisconsin Early Autism.... I applied and was hired as a line Therapist. For the first time since the summer I was hired for a job that I was not only qualified for, but look forward to each day. As a line therapist, I work with the family of a child with autism in the families home. Each day I have learned new techniques and skills I can use as a future teacher. The greatest thing about the job is the "high" you get when the child masters a program he has struggled on for days.


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