Best of Luck Student Teachers!!!


I went to talk to a group of great future art teachers at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (The great University I graduated from) tonight. I want to thank all of them for allowing me to come in and talk about my first year of teaching... hope I was some help. It was crazy to think of all the stuff I have gone through the past two years to get to this HAPPY point. I wouldn't change a thing I went through, but at times it was so frustrating applying and applying only to get rejected. Student teachers, keep your heads up and BE YOURSELF. I LOVE my job, and I hope all teachers out there applying for jobs the best of luck. 

This is a side note that isn't as professional... It makes you feel really good inside when you check out a school that chose someone else after the interview process... and you check their website to find that the artwork the teacher is doing is "not so nice" (everyone's artwork looks exactly the same). I just feel really bad for the students. It's not a nice thing to say, but it feels great knowing that a school district took a chance and chose me.  

Side note two:
I signed my contract for next year today!!!!! HAPPY DAY!!!!


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