Secondary Colored Fish

Secondary Fish

Students outlined their fish with blue paint first.

Started with the scales... students picked a secondary color and then made different shades of that secondary color based on how much of each primary color they used to mix the color. Each scale was mixed differently. They did an awesome job!

After painting, each students outlined the fish with permanent marker.

Using white and dark blue the students took a small cup and presses the rim into paint and then onto their painting... leaving a white/blue circle ring.

Seaweed... the students finished their painting with the addition of seaweed. The students learned how to use their "fingers" to tear paper. I told the students to keep their thumbs and pointer fingers next to one another and tear in small increments "more control."

Finished Product!!!!!!

After weeks of hard work, the students finished their secondary colored fish. I started out reading the book "Rainbow Fish" since we were having trouble sharing supplies in the art room. The book has a GREAT message! After I read the book, I handed out oval tracers to create the body shape. We used our pointer finger to make the lips and the rest were drawn as a class. To make the scales, I handed each student a circle tracer with a line down the middle. The line down the middle allowed the students to know where to start and stop their line. ( The students either got it or needed to be shown one more time... sounds confusing but makes amazing results... ask if you need a better explanation). After the scales, the students started painting as shown above. Each student chose their colors, and came up to me asking for the two colors needed to make the secondary color they needed for each stage of painting. I think it is important to hold them accountable. If they all came up and mixed the same color at the same time ... the quite students would just follow suit and watch everyone else. I was able to pick out the students struggling right away and offer my assistance. They weren't able to get paint until they knew what two primary colors they needed to make the one secondary color they wanted. THEY LEARNED A TON... and had FUN!
I am most proud of the fact that everyone of them is different. Different colored scales, lips and body. Some fish are looking one way and others looking the other way. Different amounts of seaweed placed in different places. DIFFERENT!!!!
Hope you enjoy them... They sure add a lot of color to the school hallways.


  1. I was wondering how you got those scales so PERFECT! My kids have the hardest time not making them tiny! Thanks for the tip.


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