Cereal Box Sketchbooks

 I have had a couple people comment or ask me about an earlier post about homemade sketchbooks made out of CEREAL BOXES. I just made some more with my summer school classes and documented how I did it. Hope the pictures help explain the steps better. All props have to go out to my Cooperating Teacher Deb during my student teaching in 2010. These are her idea and I owe her the world. Thanks Deb!

Box full of already cut to size cereal boxes

 fold cereal box evenly on one of the side edges, as shown below

 Shows the fold along the one side

 The inside has the cereal box exterior design

 With an already 3 hole punched piece of paper (printer paper), trace the placement of the holes and hole punch the three holes individually with a hand hole-punch.

 Three holes are punched and ready to add paper

 Add glue to the cover, don't go past the fold line on the left side

Smear the glue with your finger

 Add paper (scrapbook paper) to the glue covered cover. Press down and smooth out the bubbles. Make sure all edges and corners are glued

Make sure that paper is larger than the cover

 Fold the paper edges and glue them to the inside. Those of you that know how to cover a book are probably laughing at my fold job, but this is a simple way to show any elementary students. The folds can be covered by a rectangle piece of paper cut to size to cover the cereal box design and paper folding. My students like to show the cereal design.

Repeat on the other side (back cover).

3 hole punch some white all purpose printer paper. Grab a foot and a half of yarn.

 Place the paper inside the book matching up the three holes. Cut the yarn into three pieces (6 inches each).

 I have my students tie a bow (knot), this allows them to add more paper if they need to with little hassle.

Enjoy! This is a great first day of class project. Students have little problems if you go step-by-step. They love the fact that they are able to make their own book... I love that they have something to do when they finish a project early. 
I don't think I have thrown a cereal box away in over two years... love the recycle factor.


 Like the use of the circles


Very Creative haha


  1. This is such a cool idea. I love the way you made these! I just made little sketchbooks with some of my students for them to use over the summer. I told them to bring them in to show their new art teacher in September.

  2. What a great idea!! I think I'll do these in the last lesson before our September holiday break... I'd love you to visit me at dreampainters!

  3. Matthew, I'm teaching a workshop in November on great ideas e/recycled materials. One material I am focusing on is cereal boxes. Do you mind if I share this sketchbook idea? I would give you credit if course.


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