Clay Plaque Weavings

 Love the color scheme... will require this next year.

 Go Packers... A little Wisconsin pride

 She might be sucking up........I'll take it.

My third grade just finished their never ending weaving project. They started out with the weaving made on a cardboard loom. The weaving was the basic warp string and "under and over" format. When the students all finished their weaving's, we started the clay plaques. The students were all given a small piece of grid paper to help make their design symmetrical. The students started by figuring out the placement of the six holes that would hold the warp strings. Once the holes were drawn on, the students designed one half of their plaque using the squares (ex. four squares to the left, three squares up, and eighteen squares to the right). The students reversed the directions on the other side of the plaque. The students cut out the grid design and I saved them for the next class.

The students came ready for clay the next class. We rolled out slabs of clay and placed the paper design over the top of the clay. Students cut out the design and poked holes in the clay for the warp strings. I gave the students a bunch of tools and random objects to design and press into the clay with. 

In the end, I had the students use watercolor to paint the clay. We covered the painted plaque with a Tempera Varnish, and the end result is shown above. I will do a lot of things different next year, but I like all the different skills this lesson covered. Hope you enjoy!


  1. TOTALLY STEALING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the idea of the clay topper!!! So fun. Though..might have to set a earlier start date and a defined end date!! ha ha I love love weaving..but it goes on and on!!


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