SHAPE Roosters

I don't do a lot of "cookie cutter" lessons where everyone's projects looks the same. I get bored telling the students step-by-step lessons. This project was step-by-step, and was the apidimi of a "cookie cutter" lesson ... but my kindergarteners needed it and learned a ton of fine motor skills. I made tracers for each shape and taught the students how to hold paper with one hand and trace around the edge of a shape. We had a lesson on gluing and put together our roosters as a class. Lots of work, but a kindergarten class that benefited from a cookie.


  1. I agree with your use of stencils. For kindergarteners, the skills you teach, the fine motor activity you provide with your project are really important. Especially for the youngest or those with fine motor issues. Nice project!

    Rina at


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