Sign Language in ART!!!!

My fifth graders learned about sign language. The students spent the first class looking at their hands and drawing from life. The next class I brought in some transparency sheets for the students to draw their hands with. I got this idea from my buddy (Great Artdoors blog) as a way to turn a 3-D into a 2-D image. The students put their hands under the transparency and drew with a marker what they saw. The students learned a lot and took this knowledge of how to draw a 3-D image to the next class. Each student partnered up and drew the partners hand as they signed the letter needed to spell their name. Every students improved immensely from that first day. Some students as you can see from above, blew it out of the water for fifth grade. I posted four, but If anyone wants to see more as proof as to how much they learned from taking the time to show them three different methods of drawing... just ask and I will post more! Thanks to the Pinterest post that gave me this great lesson idea. The students loved making the "wet on wet"watercolor background. I loved the contrast of white hands on the colored / darker background. 


  1. Woah, I am so impressed this is fifth grade!

  2. Those hands are amazing - well done 5th grade!

  3. Could you tell me what sight you were able to find the hands? Would love it for my students.


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