First Grade Weaving... Desert Day and Night

WOW! I was approached by one of my first grade teachers with an idea to incorporate landscape / and the desert into a lesson. Well ...because I don't like to take the easy approach, I thought, why not add weaving and constellations into the lesson to make things more complicated. My students started out by drawing a dessert landscape on a piece of blue construction paper. After they finished the drawing on the blue paper, they traced it onto a white piece of paper. The blue piece of paper becomes the night image, and the white piece of paper the day image.  The students mixed up their own light and dark browns for the sand. The  sky on the day painting was done with watercolor using a "wet-on-wet" technique. The night painting, gave me an opportunity to incorporate another science lesson involving constellations. The weaving covers up a lot of the stars, but the students did an amazing job creating O' Ryan's Belt, The Big Dipper, Small Dipper, and a couple more. 

After both paintings were finished, I cut the day painting into 1 inch strips. The students made their looms using a ruler, pencil, and scissors. Once the looms were made, the student recreated their day paintings and started from the top or bottom and did the all famous UNDER OVER, UNDER OVER. 

The results surprised all of them, and even more their TEACHER!


  1. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love these!


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