Shape Alien Prints (Year Two)

Crayon Cake Print Example  

 Black Crayon Rubbing / Print Example

Black Crayon Print With Watercolor Example 

My Second graders just finished their Shape Alien Prints. I repeated this lesson this year because I loved the fundamental skills used throughout the project : proportion, cutting, shapes, landscape, gluing,  cutting, layers, printing, watercolor, drawing, and CREATIVITY! The students start out by drawing an alien using only shapes. We talk about layers and how to draw layers on flat paper. The students finish their drawings with a background and landscape. The next class I hand the students a white piece of tag board (same size as their drawings), and boxes of multiple colored tag board pieces. The students recreate their drawings using cut up tag board. After the printing plate was created, the students did two black crayon rubbings,  and a crayon cake (melted crayons) rubbing. They took one of the black crayon rubbing prints and painted it with watercolor. After all three prints were done, they picked their favorite print to go along side the printing plate in the hallway. 


  1. This is a fantastic project. Your second graders did well :)

    Tatjana (Meet the Creative Part of me)


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