Still-Life to Pop Art

From a basic still life drawing, to an amazing Pop Art print. Each students picked out a can or bottle of soda / gatorade to draw. The students drew a line drawing of their drink. Instead of adding things like shading or little lettering, the students stuck to the basics and added what they thought was important from the can or bottle. After they finished the drawing I handed out tracing paper. The students traced their drawing on the paper. When finished tracing, we flipped the tracer paper over and attached it to a piece of foam. The students outlined the backwards tracing paper on the foam until the image transferred. The students went over their transferred lines on the foam with pen until the lines were deep. Once the lines were deep enough the students cut out their can or bottle. With the cut out printing plate (foam), the students printed using different colored inks and paper. Love the uniqueness of each students drawings. Nice job!


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