Year Two Group Project: Van Gogh + Picasso

(above) Fifth grade... This 1/4 is amazing!

Love this group project!!!!!!!! I had the 5th graders pick groups of four. Each group picked an artist, not knowing what work of art they might receive. The students that picked Van Gogh had his sunflower study. The students that picked Picasso, got his Weeping Woman painting. Each group member got a 1/4 of the painting. Each group member was responsible for drawing their quarter of the drawing to scale (the best they could), and then add color to it with oil pastel. The trick to success is to work with group members to make sure things line up, and colors match. The first year I did this I was hesitant to let the students pick their own group, but this project is so involved that they don't have time to mess around. They love putting all four parts together as they work. It's like magic when things work out and it looks like the original work of art. By the end of this project, I don't know who was more surprised by the results... the students or myself. The students creations are just as great as the originals, can you believe these are 5th graders? Amazing job!!!!!!!!!


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