Fauvism ... Self- Portraits

I introduced the students to the artist Henry Matisse and the Fauvist movement. We talked about the colors Matisse used in the painting and portrait "Woman With A Hat." I had collected a number of apple and orange cartons since I student taught in 2010 with the help of my Cooperating teacher Deb (Thank you!). The students painted the cartons all one color. The next class we talked about drawing the face, and ended the class by awkwardly drawing it onto the carton. The students drew lines on the face breaking it into multiple sections that would allow them to paint multiple colors. They spent the next two classes painting. My only requirement for color was to put green somewhere on the face near the nose.
The students really enjoyed the looseness of the lesson, and how it wasn't all about making the portrait realistic. I would have ended the lesson by outlining the face with black sharpie marker, but we ran out of classes because of the end of the year and multiple class cancellations due to field trips. 


  1. Is this tempera paint? They look so bright and beautiful!

  2. I'm curious about the kind of paint too, since you are painting on top of a painted surface and yet they seem to be so nice and bright. Fill us in, please!

    By the way - just discovered your blog - there's lots of nice stuff here!

  3. The tempera paint is florescent. Had searched for a use for these colors n love them on top of the cartons. Thanks for your comments!


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