Still Life Drawing... Pop Artish Ending

Student still-life drawings
Student still-life drawings

Students still-life drawings

Colored (1 of 4)

Colored ( 1of 4 )

Finished work... The four copies put together

My third graders created their own still-life drawings from objects found in our classroom. The students spent a full class rotating from table to table drawing different objects at each table for 5 minute intervals. The second class the students spent 15 minutes on a warm-up drawing, and then 25 minutes on a final draft drawing. The students started drawing the tallest image first to make sure that objects being drawn would take up most of the paper. We talked about horizon lines and the fact that a round bottle doesn't have a straight / flat bottom. The students finished the drawing, and I took them to the copier and  made four copies of each. The students came in the next class and were introduced to pop art and Andy Warhol... after the brief powerpoint the students began to color. Each copy is colored using different colors in different sections. 

My students blew me away with how well they drew from observation!


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