Contour Lines and Snowflake Bentley!

My kindergarten students learned about Contour Lines and Snowflake Bentley in this winter inspired lesson. We started out by tracing two different sized mittens and one of our hands out of cool colored paper. The students cut each out with scissors and glued them onto a blue sheet of paper.

Last year, I did a lesson on contour lines with my kindergarten students that flopped. I loved the idea of making lines that forced them to be aware of lines and shapes around them, but wash't sure the right way to teach it. This year, I decided to shrink the area the students had to work on. Instead of making the contour lines on the background... I had the students fill the inside of each of the mittens or hands with contour lines. By doing the contour lines in the inside of the mittens and hands, I am able to teach the students about snowflakes and Wilson Bentley. Love the cool colored / winter feel!


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