Printing... Mittens.... Snowflake Bentley!!!!

Student applying the glue and adding the string to the paper. 

Yay, prints are done! So over a month ago I had this great idea to make "printed mittens" using patterns and line. The students had no idea what they were creating, but they were excited and surprised ever inch of the way. 
So many people are surprised by the fact that I teach 1st GRADERS printing. They are old enough to hold a brayer and go back and forth on the ink. They can roll the ink on the printing plate (mitten), and they can rub the back of the paper ... why can't they print? They love the process, and as long as I am young and have the patience, I am printing with first grade!
We started out by tracing a mitten tracer on a piece of paper. The students filled the mittens with lines and patterns, The paper was transferred to a piece of styrofoam and traced. The students went over their lines on the foam with pen and then printed individually with me at the back table. As the students printed individually with me, the rest of the students worked on a sketchbook assignment at their seats (look at cereal sketchbooks label).
After the students printed their mitten with white ink on black paper ... we looked at Snowflake Bentley and made snowflakes in our sketchbooks. The next class, I hot glued the styrofoam mitten (printing plate) next to the printed mitten.  The students put four or five of their snowflakes above the mitten with white oil pastels, and glued the white string above the mittens. 
Each mitten differs in design, and showcases each students personality and skill level... loved this assignment even though it took a month longer than I wished!


  1. Nice work! I admire your energy and enthusiasm for trying this with first grade. The mitten prints are charming.


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