Stained Glass Tinted Chalk Lesson

TINT and CHALK... Why not! My 3rd graders learned more about stained glass than they probably ever thought they would. We talked about symmetry and the use of color or lack of in classic and new modern stained glass. 
The next class, we talked about tint and the differences between tint and shade. The students started to draw their stained glass design using a ruler for measurement and a straight edge. When the students finished their lines, they went over the lines with glue. I went over my glue rules once again: ONE HAND ON THE GLUE BOTTLE, TILT THE BOTTLE, TOUCH ORANGE TIP TO THE PAPER, LIGHTLY SQUEEZE. 

Before the students started on the stained glass paper they did a value test sheet. One side of the value sheet was just white chalk, the other was pure color. The middle four squares were then added using both white and color adjusted to the level needed to make the value sheet go from light to dark. The students got the hang of blending or mixing the colors during this process. After the test sheet, the students attacked the stained glass sheet and the results are amazing. 

As of now I only have three students done, but I was excited to show them off. More pictures to come!


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