I am a very proud teacher. It is a great feeling when you get a student that struggles, rushes through projects, or hates art (I know who could hate art) to slow down, enjoy, and thrive on a project. This is an example of one of my fifth graders weavings. I love what this student has done with this weaving. He has taken everything I have taught and pushed all parts to the limit. Dont cut the fringes too short (he did), don't put rows and rows of fringes on (he did), don't use only the twine and cotton sting to weave...add some color (he didn't). After all is said and done, He has made this amazing piece, not only creative, but visually and texturally interesting.
Awesome job!
I always tell my students to push the boundaries... if we didn't have artist that pushed, we wouldn't have art. I hate when I am wrong, but the results that come from it are amazing!. 


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