Kindergarten Abstract

"Abstract... you can't teach that to kindergarteners!" To those who doubted me... told you so! 

Now that I am done being a small child, I want to show off some of my Kindergarteners abstract paintings. I wanted to expose my kindergarteners to abstract art. I have exposed them to so many other styles this year, why not abstract. I talked to them about abstract art being something not always recognizable to the viewer, but something meaningful and pre thought out by the artist. The students started out by cutting geometric shapes out of news paper. Next, the students glued the newspaper and decorated the paper with black ink. The ink was added using cardboard to make straight lines and smeared shapes. 

Words... why not. The students were learning about action words and feeling words in class. We wrote down a board full of examples, and then the students picked three of each. The students added the words using markers. We talked about words used in art, think about size, orientation, and placement. If  we use all capital letters it seems like the artist is shouting. If you write the word in big letters it has more importance than if you wrote it small. The students wrote the words and then we added color using watercolor.

The end product is a meaningful painting to the student, and an abstract painting to the viewer.


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