Thank You Wayne Thiebaud!

Not finished yet, but wanted to show off the amazing detail (from a KINDERGARTENER)!

My smaller school has a penny war to help raise money for a great cause. I wasn't part of the war because of the fact that I am only there some weeks for two days and only for a half of a day each of those days. Well the week of the war I was going to be there Monday, Tuesday, and Friday... so I wanted in on this war! I got a bucket and let things happen as I thought they might. I came in on Friday and went into the gym (all the student run around and play in the morning before school) and asked how many students have me for art. It was a trick question because they all have me for art. I informed them that if I win the penny war, everyone wins the penny war. Lets just say, four hours later they filled my gallon bucket with pennies. The prize... I bought ice cream, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles for all classes  in the school. Expensive but extremely worth it to see everyone involved. 
Ice cream party and a need for a new lesson... WAYNE THIEBAUD. What a great opportunity to teach all grades about an artist that paints desserts. I started out with kindergarten cakes.
My kindergarteners started out with a triangle tracer to keep scale. After they traced the triangle, we drew three lines straight down from the corners. Little did they know they were doing a form of two point perspective. We added the two layer look with the frosting line in the middle. Talked about frosting, ground (adding a plate to make it look like it is on something and not floating), and horizon line ( a line to separate the table and wall). The students painted the inside of the cake, table, and wall with watercolor. The plate and frosting was done with oil pastels. 
Can you believe these are made by kindergarteners... I was surprised and amazed!


  1. Very impressive for kindergarten! Wow!!

  2. I like how your older posts are arranged at the end of your blog. How did you make that happen?


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