Hands With a Touch of Lichtenstein

This hand transferred on it's side... Kind of liked how it looked. 

Sample of the hand sample given to students.

Yay Hands again! Like last year, my fifth graders learned about drawing hands. They found out how hard it is to look at your hand and then draw it. After a day of frustration, I brought in a picture of a hand and talked to them about shapes and proportion. We used three overlapping ovals to make each finger. The students used a large circle to create and start the palm of the hand. After days of practice, I gave the students a long piece of paper and told them I wanted the hands larger than life. What I got is shown above. 
After the drawings were finished, I introduced the students to Roy Lichtenstein and Pop Art. The students were interested by the colors and the dots. I told them they had to choose four of the six color possibilities (red, yellow, blue, dotted red, dotted yellow, and dotted blue). Once they picked at least four of the colors they had to arrange them on the paper without overlapping the same color (confusion). Most students added random shapes in the background, or strips of color / ribbon looking objects around the hand to fit their fourth or fifth colors.
We used color sticks for the color. I enforces the idea of NO WHITE SPOTS! The results are as shown  above. Love the individuality and creativity once again.


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