Hopefully NO Missing Pieces When It Comes To Color Mixing!

Trace, Cut, Trace, and Cut... then Trace one more time. The students were given a puzzle piece as they walked into my classroom on the second day. The piece represented something with lots of curves and individuality. I had four tracer puzzle pieces for the students to trace and cut out of thicker paper. The students traced the pieces with only a little difficulty. When it came to cutting, the students struggled like I expected. This gave me the chance to talk and re-explain the importance of their thumb on top and the fact that the hand without the scissors moves the paper...the scissors should never point anywhere but away from the student. The students showed much improvement with each and every piece they cut out. 
On a long white piece of paper, the students wet down half the paper and overlapped three pieces of tissue paper (red, yellow, and blue) over the top of the wet paper. The wet paper draws the color out of the tissue paper. The three primary colors blend and create the three secondary colors. The students act like it is magic before their eyes. This is the third year of doing this concept... The students learn so much that I have to keep doing it. Each year I add a little different spin to keep theirs and my own interest. After the paper dried, the students took the puzzle pieces they originally traced and cut out, and they traced them again over the top of the colors. The students learned so much: tracing, cutting, outlining, color mixing, primary and secondary colors.

Nice Job 1st grade!


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