Year 3 Mondrian Squares

Framed out Mondrian Squares. My second graders just finished this years Mondrian Squares. I love to start with this project each year because of the use of Primary colors and attention to detail with the use of a ruler. The second graders struggle using a ruler, but it sets the tone for the year, and my expectations for 2nd grade. The students spend the first class of this project making straight lines with a ruler. The second class they practice again until ready, then they start their Mondrian squares. I ask for 8-10 lines with at least two lines in each direction. Then the students add color to the squares... at least two white squares, and at least one square of each color (Crayola color sticks). To end, the students could pick from two sized circles and put as many as they could fit on the black paper without overlapping. They traced and cut the circles out with scissors and glued the black paper down on top of the Mondrian Square. After three years... these are my favorite look and style so far. Nice job 2nd graders!


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