Lines, Tissue Paper, and Pumpkin Drawing

Kindergarten... wow!!!! I had the students start out with an oval tracer with a dent on the top and bottom. The students added a rectangle on the top and made a ground. To add the pumpkin shape curves, I had the students follow my lead as I introduced them to different kinds of line. We did a straight line, curved, zig-zag, looped, and dotted. The lines added an illusion of pumpkin curves, and I love the interest it adds. 

The students added grey or black to the background, green for the stem, and brown to the ground with crayons. To add the orange, I was able to teach the students about how to hold a brush and basic cleanup procedures without the mess, with the use of tissue paper instead of paint. The students put water on their pumpkins where they wanted the orange to stick to the paper. Once the paper was wet enough, the kindergarteners placed an orange (I gave students options: light orange, dark, and regular orange) piece of paper over the top of the pumpkin. The result is shown in the student artwork above. I love the way each and everyone of them is different. The students learned a lot, and I really liked teaching painting without the use of paint. 


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