Arts and Crafts - Summer School 2010

First Day

Discussed the word RESPECT.... I ask the students for the meaning of the word, and then we thought of the many ways we could use it in the classroom. Respect: other students, the classroom, and the teacher. After we talked for a little bit about what I respected from then for the next five weeks, I handed each student a paper circle. Each student was asked to sign the circle with their name and walk up to the wall and stick it on. The name circle acts as a type of contract.

Finally its time for ART!

I Have to give props to my Co-operating teacher during my student teaching (Thanks Deb) for this idea. At the elementary age students tend to finish art projects at all different times. Some take their time, while others speed through it in hopes of something greater. For those classes when you need something for students to do for 15 minutes while others finish I made sketchbooks for each student out of cereal boxes. Its cheap and easy, it just take a little work on your part to create.

On the first day, I handed out the blank sketchbooks. The covers were blank and the pages were empty. The students spent the first day Decorating both the front and back covers. I asked them to put their names on the top of the front page, and then draw themselves and things they like on the front cover. The back cover was all up to them on how they wanted to decorate it. The students enjoyed having their very own book and worked well to decorate it.


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