In class last week we started to make paper mache monsters. I started the project with my students by reading a monster book to them titled, Big Lips, and Hairy Arms. After the book I sent the kids back to their desks and asked them to close their eyes and draw a big circle on a sheet of paper. After they made the circle, I asked them to make a monster out of the circle. I asked for legs, eyes, and arms, but didn't specify how many, or where I wanted them placed. This warm-up drawing got their creativity flowing. After they finished this drawing I asked them to divide a new piece of paper into three even parts. In each section the students wrote down a type of animal. Soon enough each section had a drawing of a monster with an animal feature.
From all these drawing the students picked their favorite monster. The next class, I brought in recycled water bottles, tape, construction paper, and aluminum foil. With these four materials the students created unique skeletal monsters. The third class I introduced the students to paper mache. For the paper mache I used the paper towels from my classroom instead of newspaper (lack of money and resources). I might have been crazy allowing kindergarten students to paper mache and design their own monsters, but they all did a great job.
The only thing I noticed was the large difference in building skills and patience obviously between the kindergarten students and second graders. The projects are turning out great and I cant wait for them to be all finished.

The difference between Kindergarten and second grade


  1. What a great idea to use 'monsters' for a papier mache project. It allows for so much interpretation! And with Grade 2- wow- you are brave! Thanks for sharing.


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