Sun Flowers

Since it's summer, I thought it would be appropriate to have a lesson that dealt with plants and flowers. I brought in a little plastic planter with dirt and we planted sun flowers from seeds. The students loved being able to plant something and watch them grow over the weeks. To start the sunflower I handed out 4in x 4in yellow paper squares. I asked the students to draw the biggest circle they possibly could on the yellow square. Once they finished, I told everyone to crumble up the paper. They were so surprised by this... they looked at me like I had lost my mind. When they crumbled it, I made it a contest to see who could make the smallest crumbled ball. We opened the paper up and did it two more times. Then, they cut out the circle and saved the paper scraps. On the upper half of a piece of paper, place the scraps on the page and glue the outer rim of the yellow circle. Put the circle on top of the scraps, forming a raised center. Using crayons, the students drew in the peddles and stem... and finished with watercolor to create the sky.

week three

second grade



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