Fall is Here Lesson

I Love this one... The student mixed all of her colors together and ended up with an extremely brown leaf as I had warned the students. When the students walked in I handed them a leaf to draw from. This students ended up with an oak leaf and I don't think it could have worked out any better for her. The leaf is probably the most realistic fall leaf color (realistically dead). She was upset until I had brought her in a real oak leaf that had been on the ground probably for a week... all the students crowded around and told her how much the leaf looked like the real one. Her frown turned way upside down! Her teacher was happy as well.

My students learned how fun "Wet on Wet" with water color can be. We used this technique to make fall leaves. I started the lesson by talking to the students about fall leaves and the colors we see. In Waupaca, WI the leaves are changing and the hills of Waupaca are full of reds, yellows, oranges, and greens.... Its gorgeous! I thought this would be a great opportunity to use Wet-on-Wet using these four colors to create leaves. The students started with a 8x11 sheet of watercolor paper as they filled it with color. The next class they studied different leaves and learned how to draw leaves using the full piece of paper. After they outlined they cut the leaf out. They put the leaves on a color of choice piece of paper and created what you see above. Tons of great leaves! I am a very happy fall teacher.


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