Horizon Line

I love how these turned out. I have to give all the props to a fellow blogger for this lesson. I cant remember who (my apologies). My first graders learned about the Horizon Line in this lesson. We talked about the importance of the horizon line, and how without it objects would seem as if they were floating. The students painted light green, dark green, blue, and light blue on a large piece of paper. The next class they tore the paper into small pieces and glued each piece according to is place above or below the horizon line (blue = sky, and green = ground). I loved this lesson, the students loved tearing the paper and learned a ton! Hope you enjoy!

Lesson: Landscape With Horizon Line

Grade: 1st Grade

Estimated Time: 3 class periods

Wisconsin State Standards:

A.4.2 Learn basic vocabulary related to their study of art

C.4.5 Look at nature and works of art as visual resources

H.4.3 Show differences among colors, shapes, textures, and other qualities of objects in their artwork


Students will learn the importance of a horizon line in a landscape.

Students will build painting skills

Students will develop gluing skills

Key Concepts:

Exposure to: Painting, Horizon line (Vocabulary), gluing, and overlapping.


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