Sneak Peek... 1st Grade Dino's

Thanks to a great friend, I got a great idea to do a dinosaur lesson with my first graders that reinforces the horizon line. I read an awesome book "Dinosaurs Love Underpants" to my students and then talked to them about side profile. We talked about how we can only see one of the Dino's eyes and nostrils. After reading the book we did a step-by-step drawing together. After we finished the drawing that we did together, I allowed the students to flip the paper over and draw another dinosaur using what they had learned. Almost all of my students did an even better job on their second drawing, that they did on their own. I love the fact that almost every student told me that they learned something.
In all honesty.... I did this lesson because 1. I loved the lesson that I saw from my buddy. 2. I saw my students drawing dinosaurs during free draw and the dinosaurs were always smiling with two eyes (even though the students drew them in side profiles), and they always had five fingers on their feet (always straight lines underneath their arm like legs). I love their drawings that they did today... Dino's drawn in side profile with nice and properly drawn legs.
I love when I see improvement... I love even more when they are excited and inform me themselves that they learned something!
More images from this project will be soon to come....


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