Tissue Paper Color Mixing

My first graders learned about color mixing with tissue paper. We talked about the Primary Colors and how they create all the colors int the world haha. They were surprised by this... I got excited by this knowing they might learn a couple of things and have fun doing it. I got this idea from another blogger (Dalismustache... thank you) I made it my own by using this method as a way to mix colors and show that when a yellow overlaps with a red it created an orange and so on. The students were so excited and possibly though I was the coolest teacher that day when I showed them how the color transfers to the paper when water is added.
I love the result, and the students learned a lot of fine motor skills. They designed their pattern design and cut it out six more times with the tissue paper. Hope you enjoy the results. I just hung them up in the school on Saturday. I get to see what the teachers think on Monday.

Lesson: Tissue Paper Color Wheel

Grade: 1st Grade

Estimated Time: 2 class periods

Wisconsin State Standards:

H.4.3 Shows differences among colors, shapes, textures, and other qualities of objects in their artwork.

C.4.7 Develop basic skills to produce quality art.

E.4.1 Communicate basic ideas by producing studio art forms, such as drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, jewelry, fibers, and ceramics.


Students will work with scissors to cut out designs

Students will learn to blend colors

Students will develop printmaking skills

Key Concepts:

Exposure to: Printmaking, color mixing, and scissor cutting.


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