A Years Worth of Things Covered In One Project.... Calder Primary Colors

In this lesson I introduced my Kindergarten to artwork by Alexander Calder. We talked about the primary colors (The students were learning about colors in their regular ed. classrooms). After four weeks of hard work and tons of procedures (brushes in the sink, form lines to come over and get paint, how to load drying rack, how to carry paint back to seat, and the dreaded glue how-to's) the students finally finished. We painted, traced the shapes, cut the shapes, glued the shapes and used crayon to again trace and connect our shapes with lines.
Wow... I love the individuality in each of them. As I get to know my students... I wasn't surprised by how each student made theirs. Some were very clean and neat with only one loop in the "string" / lines. Others with shapes thrown all over forming chaos with their lines having more loops than they had room on the paper for. I love both sides, and I'm very happy with the results. They definitely learned a lot!

Lesson: Kandinski Primary colors

Grade: Kindergarten

Estimated Time: 2 class periods

Wisconsin State Standards:

H.4.3 Shows differences among colors, shapes, textures, and other qualities of objects in their artwork.

A.4.2 Learn basic vocabulary related to their study of art.


Students will learn to work with shapes and patterns.

Students will be introduced to working with tempera paint.

Students will learn the Primary colors.

Key Concepts:

Exposure to: Patterns, painting, stencils, and the primary colors.


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