Dinosaurs Love Underpants!

I got this lesson idea from a good friend of mine who teaches in Peshtigo WI. (Thanks buddy). I started out the lesson by reading the book "Dinosaurs Love Underpants," If you haven't read the book ... go out and pick it up! The students loved the idea of the book, and loved learning how to draw dinosaurs. We started out drawing the dinosaurs shape by shape. I explained what side profile means and how we can only see one eye and nostril when something is viewed from the side. After they drew the dino's they used oil pastels to color them in.
The next class the students created the background with oil pastels on black paper. The students loved how the colors popped on the black paper. Once the background was finished the students cut out their dino's.
For the underpants, each student picked out a piece of scrapbook paper. We put the scrapbook paper underneath the cut out dinosaur and traced out the outline of the dinosaurs back end. The students cut out the traced back end, and the finished product is as shown. The students had a great time with this project... I think every student has oil pastels on their Christmas list now! Yay:)


  1. Love it!!!! It is so great that art teachers are such a sharing bunch!!!! Deb K

  2. Agreed... Glad you like the lesson! Thanks Deb

  3. Ha! What a cute lesson- thanks for the tip on the book- will definitely check it out!


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