Hands-on approach to LINE

I wanted a lesson for my fourth grade that wouldn't take five weeks... I came up with this lesson introducing the students to the idea of line. We talked about what line is and what it isn't. We soon found out that line is way more than what it is not. I used scratch paper for the lesson. I figured by fourth grade the students had used scratch paper before... I guessed wrong. This was a super plus for me because when I used the scratch stick for the first time, my students eyed lighted up. It was Christmas and Thanksgiving in one.... The students were so excited to be given a ruler and stick. I had the students trace their hand with pencil (lightly). Next, the students took the ruler and drew the horizontal lines. When they came to the outline of their hand they skipped it and continued on the opposite side. Once the students finished the horizontal lines we talked about the impact of curved lines. Curved lines can make an object POP or look as if it is 3-D. The students started at the wrist and continued to the tip of the fingers. It was a two class period lesson ... But the students loved it and the other grades react to the projects every time they walk past them. I love getting compliments from the other teachers, but the compliments should go to the students... Nice job!


  1. Hi Matthew! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I like your rendition of the picasso collage guitars as well. This one really stands out, I have a mountain of this scratch paper and this would be a great way to utilize it. I will try to link your blog to mine if that would help you out! This has been a really busy past few weeks so I haven't added many lessons but I'm planning on uploading some pictures soon! Take care :]

  2. I like the approach you used- skipping over the hand until the straight lines were done. I think that would be a lot less confusing for my students than hopping over the fingers and coming back down.

  3. Matthew. Welcome to the blogging world... It is nice to see another male elementary art teacher... I love your scratch light hands. They are sweet....

    Keep up the blogging. And posting

    Mr. R.

  4. What a great idea to use scratch paper! I have wanted to this project with a group of kids I work with- they are going to have a great time doing it this way.

  5. Fantastic idea for both 3_D drawing skills and for introducing the skill of sgrafitto! I love it! Thank you. Soon, (after our big ES art show) I will try it here at Saigon South International School with grades 3 and 4.

  6. These are wonderful - a really easy way for the kids to understand exactly what they are doing. (This is really important for me as I have children from Prep to year 7 in one class). I will be trying it out with my classes here (Australia) - I know they will love it!! Please come and visit me at dreampainters.wordpress.com :)


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