Welcome To The Secondary Colors

I only have one fourth grade class (The other art teacher I work with has the four others). This class has just finished their first project of the year. This pour class has missed four weeks worth of class, due to testing, severe storm watches, assemblies, and today a power outage due to five inches of wet snow. Well.... nine weeks later the secondary color still life painting lesson (long title...sorry) is finished. I started out the lesson talking to the students about the color wheel, and what colors make certain colors when mixed. I gave the students three watercolor tablets (red, yellow, blue). By only giving the student the primary colors they were forced to learn how to mix colors. We started out by mixing the secondary colors to make a color wheel.
The next class, the students found their tables filled with fresh fruit (oranges, and grapes) and flowers (orange and purple flowers). We talked about the horizon line and correct proportions. I gave everyone a grape to put on their paper... The grapes were small enough that the students could draw them in their actual size. This helped most students as they drew their still life. The next class I gave the students back the three primary colors and had them paint the flowers and fruit. They took a long time to complete, but they all learned a lot about color mixing and the finished product was worth the wait!


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