2nd Grade Eric Carle Seahorses

I had the students put their seahorses in the box and then we shook brushes with different colors of paint on them against the sides of the box. The students had a great time and I love the splatter look on the seahorses.

These are a sneak peak of my new Eric Carle "Mr. Seahorse" lesson. My students started by drawing seahorses using the whole paper. Once they finished the drawing we placed tissue paper on top of the drawing and I covered them in Modge-Podge. The next class the students had fun doing the splatter paint on top of them. Next week we will be cutting out the seahorses and placing them on a sheet of paper that the students have made to look like a underwater scene full of seaweed and air-bubbles made with a bubble solution and paint. The students loved blowing bubbles over their artwork (when the bubbles landed on the paper they left a small-large blue ring). Can't wait to show the final project all put together!


  1. tissue paper collage + splatter painting: awesome!!!


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